Thursday, 25 May 2017

It's more important than ever to sign up to Childcare Vouchers as Tax-Free Childcare already runs into problems

You may be aware that the government has begun its roll out of Tax-Free Childcare (TFC), which is the replacement to the Childcare Vouchers Scheme (CCV), a tried and tested method which has been making childcare affordable for a number of years.

Research has already shown that 80% of families will be better off with CCV, and now a new article shows that TFC is attracting complaints and criticism within just a few weeks of launching.

The article, from Nursery World website describes how many users are having problems even setting up the scheme, and highlights poor administration and support.

You can read the whole article here.

This shows that it is more important than ever for all parents to sign up to and/or continue to use CCV. They are more likely to save money on this well run scheme, which in turn saves their employer money. 

All parents using the scheme should be aware of the pitfalls of the new scheme and the benefits of the CCV scheme and employers should be encouraging take up of CCV to allow employees to make the most of the savings available to them. 

You can download an information pack explaining the differences between CCV and TFC here.