Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Give Your Employees Lasting Benefit

There are many benefits products out there which you could offer your employees, from the popular childcare vouchers to cars and bikes. However, as we know, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, and many employee benefits will only be relevant to a section of your workforce. If you want to offer something different which will truly make a lasting difference for every employee, offer a will writing service.

Many people don’t have a will, and they can be forgiven for thinking they don’t need one yet, particularly if they are young. But young or old, male or female, single or in a relationship, people want their possessions to go to the people they love if they died and want to be sure their family is provided for.

A will provides employees with the opportunity to express their funeral desires, appoint guardians for children, protect their partner if they are not married and minimise inheritance tax. Dying without a will means this may not happen in the way they want. Their possessions will have the Rules of Intestacy applied and these rules follow the family tree in a strict order of priority.

To make sure a will is legal and to be sure loved ones know it exists, it is best to have the document written by a solicitor. It won’t take long. In fact solicitors spend more time sorting out badly-written wills than writing new ones!

Busy Bees Benefits CEO, John Woodward said: “If you want to give a lasting benefit to employees offering them the opportunity to write a will is a really beneficial step and sends the message that you care about them and their families now and in the future. They can take up this voluntary benefit any time during the year at a discounted cost and be assured they are working with a qualified solicitor who will work closely with them to ensure their wishes are met.”

The will writing service is a discounted employee benefit which is completely free for the employer to offer.

For more information about the Busy Bees Benefits Will Writing scheme, click here.