Thursday, 21 November 2013

Busy Bees Benefits Receives Ringing Endorsement

Busy Bees Benefits has just completed the 2013 customer survey for its childcare voucher service and is delighted with the response. Views came flooding in from employees, employers and childcare providers.

Employees were overwhelmingly positive about their customer experience, with 97% saying they would recommend our childcare vouchers to other parents.

Busy Bees Benefits knows that working parents are busy people and wants to make the process of paying for their childcare as easy as possible, so were delighted to hear that 96% of employees found their Busy Bees Benefits online Childcare Voucher account very easy or relatively easy to use.

99% of employees were happy with the customer service they received, and 83% rated it as excellent.

Employers offering Busy Bees Benefits childcare vouchers to their staff said that their registration to the scheme was handled well (98%), their online account was easy to use (96.8%) and that our service is above average or excellent (92%). In fact the user-friendly, online account and customer service were the two top scorers amongst employers’ favourite things about Busy Bees Benefits. 97% of employers said they would be likely to recommend Busy Bees Benefits to other companies.

Amongst childcare providers being paid with Busy Bees Benefits childcare vouchers, 94% said they would recommend them to parents and other carers.

Busy Bees Benefits is always striving to improve to maintain standards such as ISO 9001 and uphold our standing for customer service, having been shortlisted for two awards in 2013 for customer service and service provision.

CEO John Woodward said: “We conduct these surveys because we care about our customers’ opinions and are not afraid to hear suggestions and criticisms. We are delighted with the responses we have received and will continue to build on the great service Busy Bees Benefits has developed over the last three years.”

Busy Bees Benefits conducts regular customer surveys and is delighted to receive any suggestions, questions or comments at any time. Email or call 0330 333 9100.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Show Your Car Some Love This Winter

Winter is often unkind to our cars with snow, ice, rain, cold and road salt causing slow starts, no starts, corrosion and wear. More importantly, we are often unkind to our cars.

Most people don’t maintain their car themselves these days due to lack of time, expertise and confidence. We therefore need to take time (and money) out to arrange for professionals to look after them for us. It’s easy to forget to do this regularly. We can be a bit too laid back about car care and then have a shock when bad weather arrives and our four-wheeled friend doesn’t behave as it should.

So what can go wrong?
  • Oil, particularly old oil, thickens in cold weather which means the engine has to work harder, causing engine wear.
  • Wiper blades get more use in winter and can deteriorate even more quickly if used on an icy windscreen.
  • Tyres can become more unevenly worn in winter as they don’t grip the road as effectively in bad weather. Tyre pressure can drop in cold weather too, leading to further problems and higher fuel consumption.
  • Light bulbs can fail, making an accident more likely. British Summer Time has now ended and the days are shorter, so it’s more likely you will be driving in the dark.
  • An old battery which might have struggled on before the temperature hit freezing point is more likely to fail in cold weather, which could leave you stranded.

How to make sure it gets put right

Organising vehicle repairs, maintenance, servicing, MOTs and tyre replacements can be a stressful and expensive exercise. Many garages offer a free winter car check, but of course this is to attract you in and create further business, so if you aren’t confident in dealing with a garage directly, you may feel you are paying for services and repairs you don’t need.

There is a scheme which takes away all these concerns and ensures your car receives only the love and care it really needs when it needs it. The Car Care scheme, delivered by Busy Bees Benefits through its experienced partners, provides motorists with a simple, cost-effective vehicle maintenance solution at any one of 15,000 approved service centres and includes scheduled reminders for MOT, servicing and repairs organised by qualified technicians. Members of the Car Care scheme will receive discounted parts and tyres.

Even if you have done everything you can to care for your car, unfortunately it might still let you down. Members of the scheme can add breakdown cover for just £2 per year. This includes access to Car Care’s national breakdown service.

So show your car some love and take care on the road this winter.

For more information about Busy Bees Benefits, click here.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Busy Bees Benefits Finalist For Regional Award

Employee benefits provider Busy Bees Benefits has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2014 Midlands Business Awards. The Shenstone-based company entered the category “Midlands Service Provider of the Year”.

Busy Bees Benefits are specialists in the provision of high-quality childcare voucher schemes for employers, parents and childcare providers. They also offer a range of other employee benefits including salary sacrifice schemes for mobile phones and cycling to work and discount schemes to save on lifestyle costs including shopping, car care and writing a will.

John Woodward, CEO at Busy Bees Benefits said “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the final of this regional award. The company has been trading for three years and has demonstrated that the right team and the right approach together produce great results. The business is going from strength to strength and our unique processes and consistent high standards ensure we provide the best service we possibly can.”

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