Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Show Your Car Some Love This Winter

Winter is often unkind to our cars with snow, ice, rain, cold and road salt causing slow starts, no starts, corrosion and wear. More importantly, we are often unkind to our cars.

Most people don’t maintain their car themselves these days due to lack of time, expertise and confidence. We therefore need to take time (and money) out to arrange for professionals to look after them for us. It’s easy to forget to do this regularly. We can be a bit too laid back about car care and then have a shock when bad weather arrives and our four-wheeled friend doesn’t behave as it should.

So what can go wrong?
  • Oil, particularly old oil, thickens in cold weather which means the engine has to work harder, causing engine wear.
  • Wiper blades get more use in winter and can deteriorate even more quickly if used on an icy windscreen.
  • Tyres can become more unevenly worn in winter as they don’t grip the road as effectively in bad weather. Tyre pressure can drop in cold weather too, leading to further problems and higher fuel consumption.
  • Light bulbs can fail, making an accident more likely. British Summer Time has now ended and the days are shorter, so it’s more likely you will be driving in the dark.
  • An old battery which might have struggled on before the temperature hit freezing point is more likely to fail in cold weather, which could leave you stranded.

How to make sure it gets put right

Organising vehicle repairs, maintenance, servicing, MOTs and tyre replacements can be a stressful and expensive exercise. Many garages offer a free winter car check, but of course this is to attract you in and create further business, so if you aren’t confident in dealing with a garage directly, you may feel you are paying for services and repairs you don’t need.

There is a scheme which takes away all these concerns and ensures your car receives only the love and care it really needs when it needs it. The Car Care scheme, delivered by Busy Bees Benefits through its experienced partners, provides motorists with a simple, cost-effective vehicle maintenance solution at any one of 15,000 approved service centres and includes scheduled reminders for MOT, servicing and repairs organised by qualified technicians. Members of the Car Care scheme will receive discounted parts and tyres.

Even if you have done everything you can to care for your car, unfortunately it might still let you down. Members of the scheme can add breakdown cover for just £2 per year. This includes access to Car Care’s national breakdown service.

So show your car some love and take care on the road this winter.

For more information about Busy Bees Benefits, click here.

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  1. Nice post!!In winter,it is wise to carry emergency car care kit as we never know when,where we face dreadful situation.Therefore this survival kit could save life in case of any disaster.