Monday, 8 December 2014

The Autumn Statement's Impact On Childcare

The Autumn Statement was released recently. The policies in this budget will illustrate what economic issues the Government are focusing on. The British economy has been steadily growing over the last few years, however, many working families have not benefited from this growth as they are still burdened by spiralling childcare costs. We will assess how this new statement impacts on childcare costs. 

The Government runs a HMRC backed Childcare Voucher scheme which can save working parents an astounding £933 per year on childcare! Childcare Vouchers are operated through a salary sacrifice scheme, where a portion of the employee’s salary is deducted in exchange for childcare vouchers. The savings are created because the sacrificed amount is non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions.

Both parents can join their employer’s Childcare Voucher scheme, increasing savings. In addition, Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for registered childcare for children up to the age of 16 (the first week of September following the child’s 15th birthday).

Next autumn, the Government is launching a new Tax-free Childcare scheme which will see them subsidising 20% of a child's childcare fees on costs of up to £10,000, providing savings of up to £2,000 per child, each year.  Unlike Childcare Vouchers, Tax-free Childcare will only be available to households where both parents work or for single working parents, which means, there will be many families who either won't be eligible to use the scheme or those who would be financially better off using Childcare Vouchers. 

Childcare Vouchers will remain in existence for as long as they are required, although only for those already using them. There is urgency for employers to set up a Childcare Vouchers scheme now  to enable their employees to have the choice to use whichever scheme provides them with maximum savings when the new scheme is implemented next year.  Setting up a scheme now will give your employees the opportunity to save over £933 between now and next autumn.

Why set up a Childcare Voucher scheme?
Setting up and administering a Childcare Voucher scheme is quick and easy.  Not only will your employees save money on their childcare costs, their motivation, production and retention will increase. Offering a Childcare Voucher scheme can save your organisation up to £402 per employee on the scheme each year as you are not required to pay Employers National Insurance contributions.

Busy Bees Benefits deliver a renowned childcare voucher scheme which employers can offer at no cost to the organisation. Parents can also receive an additional discount if they use a Busy Bees Voucher at a Busy Bees Nursery. If you would like further information please call us on 0330 333 9100 or visit

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Busy Bees truly benefits from its mobile phone scheme

The world of employee benefits is a multifaceted one, consisting of all sorts of varied schemes. At Busy Bees Benefits, we continuously research new products that will appeal to our clients. Our mobile phone salary sacrifice scheme has been going from strength to strength since its launch in April 2014. Our Mobile Phone salary sacrifice scheme provides employees with substantial savings on their mobile phone bills, allowing employees to make tax and National Insurance savings of more than £400 over a 24-month contract.

Unlike similar schemes currently on the market, this product really is giving employers and employees something to talk about! Our scheme stands out from the rest as we offer the latest handsets at competitive tariff rates. You are bound to find a package that suits you.

Here are eight reasons on why our mobile phone scheme is great for your business:
        1. Save through tax & national insurance savings:

Our salary sacrifice scheme will ensure that you and your employees make savings. A monthly amount is deducted from their salary which is tax and national insurance exempt. Below is a graphic illustrating how this scheme effectively saves employees money.

   2. No upfront costs for employers:
There are no set up costs for employers when implementing this scheme. They are
required to pay a small service charge; however they will make savings as they do
not have to pay Employers National Insurance contributions.                                    
          3. Increase staff morale:
     Typically, smartphones on the high street are very expensive as they tend to incur additional costs. By providing this scheme to your employees, you are making it feasible for them to have smartphones. Consequently, they will pay less for their phone on this scheme. This will in turn, increase staff morale and motivation.

          4. Staff Retention:

At a time when pay rises are harder to give, this scheme can be used as a non-cash incentive which could provide greater savings than a pay rise would give. Employees want a better work-life balance and these days, there is an expectation that employers should help them to do this. This scheme is valuable to employees as it helps with everyday lifestyle costs. Not only is this scheme a great tool for retaining valued staff, it can also help you to recruit the best talent. 

          5. Competitive tariffs:

     Due to the nature of the salary sacrifice scheme, employees can get more for less. All of our tariffs come with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data as standard. Data packages are very costly on the high street as costs increase in line to the data amount offered. Our data packages are included in the contract; they start from 2GB and go up to a gigantic 32GB! We have a large scale of tariffs ranging from the Apple iPhone 6 128GB handset for £51 a month to the Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB handset for £22.44 a month
         6. Access to discount card
     With this scheme, employees also get access to discount cards, allowing them to make additional savings on their lifestyle costs. The discount cards consist of discounts at restaurants, supermarkets, days out and more. Some of our current offers include 10% off at restaurant Bella Italia, 7% off at Topshop and 8% off at American Golf, 4% off at Asda and 7% off at Mothercare.

         7. Easy streamlined process:

We have a user-friendly system that is operated entirely online. We have ensured that our system is very efficient and that we have a swift order process for employees. Busy Bees Benefits do all the administration, thus, minimizing your workload.

         8. UK based customer service team:

Our UK based team are available Monday to Friday from 8am till 6pm. We provide a friendly, bespoke service and we are happy to help.

  •  The scheme is already available to over 10,000 employees.
  • More companies are signing up to the scheme on a daily basis
  • The uptake on the Apple iPhone 6 alone is reaching penetration levels of 50% in some employers.
  •  Testimonial from renowned British tool company, “the scheme has been received very well by staff. It was very easy to set up and a smooth process overall.”

If you are interested in this mobile phone scheme please contact Busy Bees Benefits on 0330 333 9100 or Alternatively visit here to learn more,

New Handsets Launched From Only £24 per Month

Mobile Phones are a part of everyday life and with newer, higher quality handsets being launched all of the time; high street costs reflect these improvements and can be expensive….not with the Busy Bees Benefits Mobile Phone Scheme.

As well as the recent iPhone 6 range launch, we have just added three brand-new handsets to the offering: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (pre-order), Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Blackberry passport, available from £24.48 per month.  Enjoy substantial savings with no handset costs and excellent tariff packages.

A variety of smartphone handsets are available on a range of data tariffs to suit your individual needs.

As an existing Busy Bees Benefits customer, accessing the scheme is simple.

Employers and Childcare Providers - if you would like more information about offering the scheme to your employees, please contact using the details below.

Employees - if you would like your employer to offer the scheme, please register your interest by sending their name and your details to the email address below.

Tel: 0330 333 9100 

For more information, visit

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How iOS8 can impact your organisation

How iOS8 can impact your organisation

iOS8 was recently launched at the same time as the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  The new Apple software update introduces a variety of features to positively impact your organisation.  
The new software has updated a variety of everyday functions and apps including:

Photos – the update enables users to quickly find and edit photos – a must if your organisation uses photos on a daily basis.  This is great for social media users as they can now take timely photographs, edit them straight away and upload to social media platforms to be reactive to aspects happening in the business in which you want to share with others.

Voice text – users can now add voice messages to a conversation.  This function enables users to capture sound such as your voice, a noise or even a song and send it within a message.  This allows you to quickly send notes to employees and colleagues without having to spend time typing an email or text message.

Interactive notifications – users can view and act on incoming messages or alerts quickly to ensure they are more time productive.  When an email, text or calendar alert arrives, the new software enables users to act on it from anywhere, even in the lock screen or without leaving the app they are currently in.

Time saving features for email - new functions have been added to save time, including the software recognising new contacts, events and even flight confirmation numbers to give users the option to add these to contacts or calendar events at the tap of a button.

Improved searching - the new Spotlight search function enables users to easily navigate apps, contacts and search the Internet.  Spotlight displays phone numbers, email addresses and related calendar reminders when they type the name of a business contact, making finding the right information stored on the device a lot easier and quicker.

Security - the Touch ID function now allows users to access apps using their fingerprint, which means only they can enter that application.  This is great for businesses that regularly access private business or client data on their mobile devices, ensuring better security.

Storage - using iCloud enables you and your employees to work on any file, anywhere.  Securely store documents on the iCloud Drive and easily upload documents to folders using Mac or PC.  Any changes made to a document will automatically appear on every device connected to the iCloud account.

Widgets - widgets are miniature apps that run on the home screen of a device, letting users see information such as weather and reminders at a glance.  Users can now install widgets on their devices enabling users to add business features they regularly use putting all of the information they need in a single location alongside alerts and messages.

Do you allow BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) in your organisation?  Your employees can use their own devices to help them to work more efficiently and to access company information and applications.  

Give your employees an extra incentive to use their own device at work by enabling them to save over £500 on their mobile phone bills.  By offering them a salary sacrifice Mobile Phone scheme, they will be able to choose the latest smartphone handsets, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on excellent tariffs from only £28 per month.  The scheme provides employees with a free handset, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, at least 2GB data, up to 24-month handset warranty and 4G network access for no additional charge. 
Your organisation will also benefit from no set up fees, minimal administration and savings on Employers National Insurance contributions.  

For more information or to discuss setting up a scheme, please contact Busy Bees Benefits on, call 0330 333 9100 or visit

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pre-order your iPhone 6 now with Busy Bees Benefits

The most anticipated mobile phone handset, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is now available to pre-order with our Mobile Phone employee benefit scheme. 

From only £31.01* per month, you can save over £500 during your contract by simply having your tariff deducted from your wages through salary sacrifice.
Compare this to the same high street tariff price of £43.99** each month and an upfront handset cost of £199.99** - these deals cannot be beaten.

If you would like to take advantage of these great savings and pre-order the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, please click here to send us your employer's details.  We will then contact your employer to discuss setting up the scheme.

If you would like to offer this fantastic employee benefit scheme to your employees and make Employers National Insurance savings for your organisation, contact us on or call 0330 333 9100 for more information.

There are no set up fees, minimal administration and you are not required to purchase a consumer credit licence.  The scheme can help to increase staff motivation and enhance staff retention.

For more information about the Mobile Phone scheme or any other employee benefits, please visit

* Basic rate tax payer.  Higher rate tariffs are available from £26.45 per month.
**These are compared to the lowest tariff offered by Busy Bees Benefits; there are tariffs and handset costs higher on the high street. 
Note: All employees can access the scheme, providing by doing so they do not go below the National Minimum Wage.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Busy Bees rewards parents using Childcare Vouchers

All children love to get messy and creative.  We have teamed up with toucanBox to provide you with a FREE craft project box for you and your children to enjoy.

toucanBox was developed to deliver fun and educational craft projects  straight to your door.  There are three boxes available: petite, grande and super.  Each box is personalised to your child's age and preferences and they include all the materials required, including colourful instructions, stickers to collect to exchange for gifts and a new theme for each box delivered to your door.  The grande and super boxes also include additional activities, a book to read together and a parent card with more ideas and inspiration.  Extra materials can also be added for siblings.  

Busy Bees Benefits Childcare Voucher users can receive a FREE petite toucanBox.

If you would like your employer to offer our Childcare Vouchers, please click here to send us their details.  Simply enter your organisation's name, phone number and postcode into the message box. 

Once registered, you can also claim your free toucanBox. 

Refer a friend – every time you refer a friend, toucanBox will give you a 50% discount off your next box.

For more information about toucanBox, please visit

If you would like more information about Childcare Vouchers and how you can save up to £933 each year, visit  

Busy Bees Benefits holds no responsibility for your orders with toucanBox.  Any queries should be directed to  Please note: your free toucanBox can take up to 10 days to be delivered.  toucanBoxes are suitable for children aged 3-8 – if your child is too young, save it for when they are old enough or give it to a friend.  you will be required to provide your card information to verify your details.  If you wish to cancel after your free box, this can be done at any time.