Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How iOS8 can impact your organisation

How iOS8 can impact your organisation

iOS8 was recently launched at the same time as the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  The new Apple software update introduces a variety of features to positively impact your organisation.  
The new software has updated a variety of everyday functions and apps including:

Photos – the update enables users to quickly find and edit photos – a must if your organisation uses photos on a daily basis.  This is great for social media users as they can now take timely photographs, edit them straight away and upload to social media platforms to be reactive to aspects happening in the business in which you want to share with others.

Voice text – users can now add voice messages to a conversation.  This function enables users to capture sound such as your voice, a noise or even a song and send it within a message.  This allows you to quickly send notes to employees and colleagues without having to spend time typing an email or text message.

Interactive notifications – users can view and act on incoming messages or alerts quickly to ensure they are more time productive.  When an email, text or calendar alert arrives, the new software enables users to act on it from anywhere, even in the lock screen or without leaving the app they are currently in.

Time saving features for email - new functions have been added to save time, including the software recognising new contacts, events and even flight confirmation numbers to give users the option to add these to contacts or calendar events at the tap of a button.

Improved searching - the new Spotlight search function enables users to easily navigate apps, contacts and search the Internet.  Spotlight displays phone numbers, email addresses and related calendar reminders when they type the name of a business contact, making finding the right information stored on the device a lot easier and quicker.

Security - the Touch ID function now allows users to access apps using their fingerprint, which means only they can enter that application.  This is great for businesses that regularly access private business or client data on their mobile devices, ensuring better security.

Storage - using iCloud enables you and your employees to work on any file, anywhere.  Securely store documents on the iCloud Drive and easily upload documents to folders using Mac or PC.  Any changes made to a document will automatically appear on every device connected to the iCloud account.

Widgets - widgets are miniature apps that run on the home screen of a device, letting users see information such as weather and reminders at a glance.  Users can now install widgets on their devices enabling users to add business features they regularly use putting all of the information they need in a single location alongside alerts and messages.

Do you allow BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) in your organisation?  Your employees can use their own devices to help them to work more efficiently and to access company information and applications.  

Give your employees an extra incentive to use their own device at work by enabling them to save over £500 on their mobile phone bills.  By offering them a salary sacrifice Mobile Phone scheme, they will be able to choose the latest smartphone handsets, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on excellent tariffs from only £28 per month.  The scheme provides employees with a free handset, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, at least 2GB data, up to 24-month handset warranty and 4G network access for no additional charge. 
Your organisation will also benefit from no set up fees, minimal administration and savings on Employers National Insurance contributions.  

For more information or to discuss setting up a scheme, please contact Busy Bees Benefits on mobile@busybeesbenefits.com, call 0330 333 9100 or visit www.busybeesbenefits.com