Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Busy Bees truly benefits from its mobile phone scheme

The world of employee benefits is a multifaceted one, consisting of all sorts of varied schemes. At Busy Bees Benefits, we continuously research new products that will appeal to our clients. Our mobile phone salary sacrifice scheme has been going from strength to strength since its launch in April 2014. Our Mobile Phone salary sacrifice scheme provides employees with substantial savings on their mobile phone bills, allowing employees to make tax and National Insurance savings of more than £400 over a 24-month contract.

Unlike similar schemes currently on the market, this product really is giving employers and employees something to talk about! Our scheme stands out from the rest as we offer the latest handsets at competitive tariff rates. You are bound to find a package that suits you.

Here are eight reasons on why our mobile phone scheme is great for your business:
        1. Save through tax & national insurance savings:

Our salary sacrifice scheme will ensure that you and your employees make savings. A monthly amount is deducted from their salary which is tax and national insurance exempt. Below is a graphic illustrating how this scheme effectively saves employees money.

   2. No upfront costs for employers:
There are no set up costs for employers when implementing this scheme. They are
required to pay a small service charge; however they will make savings as they do
not have to pay Employers National Insurance contributions.                                    
          3. Increase staff morale:
     Typically, smartphones on the high street are very expensive as they tend to incur additional costs. By providing this scheme to your employees, you are making it feasible for them to have smartphones. Consequently, they will pay less for their phone on this scheme. This will in turn, increase staff morale and motivation.

          4. Staff Retention:

At a time when pay rises are harder to give, this scheme can be used as a non-cash incentive which could provide greater savings than a pay rise would give. Employees want a better work-life balance and these days, there is an expectation that employers should help them to do this. This scheme is valuable to employees as it helps with everyday lifestyle costs. Not only is this scheme a great tool for retaining valued staff, it can also help you to recruit the best talent. 

          5. Competitive tariffs:

     Due to the nature of the salary sacrifice scheme, employees can get more for less. All of our tariffs come with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data as standard. Data packages are very costly on the high street as costs increase in line to the data amount offered. Our data packages are included in the contract; they start from 2GB and go up to a gigantic 32GB! We have a large scale of tariffs ranging from the Apple iPhone 6 128GB handset for £51 a month to the Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB handset for £22.44 a month
         6. Access to discount card
     With this scheme, employees also get access to discount cards, allowing them to make additional savings on their lifestyle costs. The discount cards consist of discounts at restaurants, supermarkets, days out and more. Some of our current offers include 10% off at restaurant Bella Italia, 7% off at Topshop and 8% off at American Golf, 4% off at Asda and 7% off at Mothercare.

         7. Easy streamlined process:

We have a user-friendly system that is operated entirely online. We have ensured that our system is very efficient and that we have a swift order process for employees. Busy Bees Benefits do all the administration, thus, minimizing your workload.

         8. UK based customer service team:

Our UK based team are available Monday to Friday from 8am till 6pm. We provide a friendly, bespoke service and we are happy to help.

  •  The scheme is already available to over 10,000 employees.
  • More companies are signing up to the scheme on a daily basis
  • The uptake on the Apple iPhone 6 alone is reaching penetration levels of 50% in some employers.
  •  Testimonial from renowned British tool company, “the scheme has been received very well by staff. It was very easy to set up and a smooth process overall.”

If you are interested in this mobile phone scheme please contact Busy Bees Benefits on 0330 333 9100 or Alternatively visit here to learn more,

New Handsets Launched From Only £24 per Month

Mobile Phones are a part of everyday life and with newer, higher quality handsets being launched all of the time; high street costs reflect these improvements and can be expensive….not with the Busy Bees Benefits Mobile Phone Scheme.

As well as the recent iPhone 6 range launch, we have just added three brand-new handsets to the offering: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (pre-order), Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Blackberry passport, available from £24.48 per month.  Enjoy substantial savings with no handset costs and excellent tariff packages.

A variety of smartphone handsets are available on a range of data tariffs to suit your individual needs.

As an existing Busy Bees Benefits customer, accessing the scheme is simple.

Employers and Childcare Providers - if you would like more information about offering the scheme to your employees, please contact using the details below.

Employees - if you would like your employer to offer the scheme, please register your interest by sending their name and your details to the email address below.

Tel: 0330 333 9100 

For more information, visit