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Give your employees access to big data packages

Give your employees access to big data packages

Mobile phones are fast becoming an integral part of our daily lives. 89% of adults in the UK use a mobile phone*. We are also using the internet more too; weekly hours of internet use have more than doubled from 9.9 in 2005 to 20.5 in 2015**. Nowadays, mobile phones have evolved and are used for far more than just calling and texting. Modern smartphones now contain a myriad of functions that make our lives easier. You can use maps when you get lost, check your work emails on the move, stream videos on your daily commute and browse your favourite websites. You could save your employees hundreds on their mobile phone by providing the Busy Bees Benefits Mobile Phone scheme. 

If your employees regularly conduct the above activities on the go, they may require a large data package. On the high street, large data packages tend to be very expensive and incur additional charges for 4G. Subsequently, high street tariffs prices do change depending on demand and technology; so they can be volatile. However, our scheme provides a range of large data packages at a cheaper rate than the high street. Large data packages offer your employees the scope to use their phone more and it will bring them piece of mind as they know they will not incur expensive additional data charges. 

The scheme provides them with a brand-new smartphone handset on a choice of excellent 3G and 4G tariffs, starting from only £22.44 per month for Basic Rate taxpayers and £19.14 for Higher Rate taxpayers. Each tariff includes no handset charge, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, allocated data packages, 24-months handset warranty and the option to port your existing phone number. The tariff is taken directly from employees’ wages each month as salary sacrifice, providing them with tax and National Insurance savings. Your organisation will also save on their National Insurance contributions. 

The salary sacrifice function ensures your employees gain access to tariffs that are considerably cheaper than those available on the high street. Our data packages range from 250MB to 32GB per month to ensure there is a tariff and data allowance suitable for every lifestyle and budget. Also, they will save more money on a big data package rather than a small data package.

4G or 3G
Data allowance per month
Tariff price per month
Saving over the 24-month contract

Another benefit of our large data packages is tethering. Tethering is when you use your mobile phone’s data connection to connect to a laptop or tablet. This facility is included in our 4G data packages. The increasing popularity of tethering can be explained by changes in the world of work. More employees now work off-site or have adopted flexible working hours. Having a tethering package means that your employees can get online wherever they are and they are not restricted. It will give them the freedom to work out of the office and ensure that it is easy for you to stay in contact with them. It is also very convenient as there is no need to carry any wires or equipment to access tethering. Tethering can also be a godsend for those employees who travel frequently. Consequently, many high street contracts will include an additional charge for tethering but we do not.

Your employees will not need to use unsecure public Wi-Fi connections with our large data packages. In addition tethering is more secure as information is sent directly through your phone rather than through an open public connection. Your employees will be in safe hands with our scheme. We use leading mobile phone operator, EE, which is the UK’s biggest, fastest network, covering over 80% of the population with double speed 4G data. For the first time ever, 4G data usage has surpassed 3G data usage in the UK. EE has become the first European network to reach the landmark level of 10 million 4G customers. 

Provide your employees with an employee benefit where they can really see the savings. If you would like to discuss setting up the Mobile Phone scheme or for more information, please contact Busy Bees Benefits at or call 0330 333 9100.
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* Statistics from OFCOM report on Adults’ media use and attitudes Report 2015.
Statistics from OFCOM report on Adults’ media use and attitudes Report 2015.