Friday, 17 July 2015

Summer savings for your employees

The costs of mobile phones have rocketed since the very first handset came out in 1973. Since then, IOS and Android have dominated the consumer market and these days, we simply cannot live without a handset by our side. Unfortunately, the latest smartphone can set you back quite a bit - customers are spending anywhere up to £90 per month – and that’s without the upfront handset cost! 

Employee benefits firm, Busy Bees Benefits has launched its summer offers for mobile phones. The company operates a salary sacrifice service, which saves employers the cost of National Insurance and employees, the tax and National Insurance on the cost of a monthly phone bill. Users of the scheme can now save up to £756* over a 24 month contract with incomparable monthly prices to the high street.

The summer offers include all of the latest handsets, from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to the iPhone 6 Plus. Prices start from as little as £19.14 to the largest package at £51.  

The savings haven’t gone unnoticed by Busy Bees Benefits customers, who expressed their satisfaction in a recent customer survey. Emma Moore, Accounts Manager at InFX Solutions said: “Our employees that use the Mobile Phone scheme are very happy! One employee asked his network provider to beat the prices that Busy Bees Benefits offers for his contract renewal and they admitted they couldn't get close.”

Under the scheme, if an employee opted for the iPhone 6 64GB with 8GB data, this would cost them £51 per month, however after they have made savings through their salary; it would only cost them only £34.68 per month with no handset cost. Compare this to the same handset on the high street with EE, with 5GB data allowance, this would cost £46.99 per month plus £119.99 handset cost*, employees would save £415.43 over the 24-month contract.

If looking after your finances and saving money where you can is on your priority list, speak to your employer about offering a salary sacrifice mobile phone scheme to enable you to make substantial savings on your personal mobile phone. If you would like Busy Bees Benefits to contact your employer on your behalf, send an email to

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