Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Busy Bees Benefits is expanding its product range to help UK employees deal with their health and wellbeing concerns

Following extensive research carried out with its 13,500 employers and their staff, Busy Bees Benefits has decided to expand into the health and financial wellbeing market (1). The research confirms that more businesses are recognising the value in providing workplace benefits and the role that this plays in retaining and motivating the workforce. The Busy Bees Benefits expansion follows government changes made to salary sacrifice schemes and is a response to the fact that over 67% of UK employees worry about their financial wellbeing in the event of illness.

Busy Bees Benefits is aiming to boost employee health and wellbeing by introducing a Wellbeing Hub of products that is designed to not only help employees with any health concerns that they may have, including GP support, but to also help them make informed decisions around childcare issues and elder care.  Busy Bees Benefits is aiming to provide tangible support for employees, with over 65% of employees surveyed stating that they have a positive interest in the service. The aim of the product extension is to address the growing need for greater early intervention, diagnosis and treatment - giving employers a choice in what they can to provide to their staff.

Wojciech Dochan Managing Directorof Busy Bees Benefits, said, “We have been exploring with our employers what the future workplace will look like, and increasingly the health needs of their staff are at the forefront of concerns. Often the concerns are not only about an employee’s own health needs but that of their children and other dependants. With the numbers of employees working past retirement age doubling over the last 20 years and set to increase, there has never been a more important time to provide support to both employers and their employees”.

Busy Bees Benefits sees that its role is to work with employers to understand the changing landscape of work beyond the short term and to frame new models of reward to meet emerging worksite demands. By expanding into the health and financial wellbeing products Busy Bees Benefits will be supporting those employers that wish to boost employee health and wellbeing, drive up staff retention and engagement and sustain business productivity. 64% of employees say that benefit provision by their employers in these areas would made them feel more positive about their employers and 60% believe that it would have a positive impact on how they managed their own health and wellbeing (1).  

(1) Busy Bees Benefits 2017 survey with 1,593 employees and Busy Bees Benefits 2016 Survey with 293 employers and 1,371 employees.

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