Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mind the Gap - Raise the Cap Campaign Increases Its Supporters

Childcare arrangements and costs are a hot topic at the moment.  On the 30th May 2012 Nick Clegg joined the Daybreak team to discuss the announcement of changes to the childcare system.
Daybreak, the morning news program on ITV, visited Busy Bees St Matthews Burntwood nursery to interview nursery manager Caroline Cooper about the changes being introduced to the government funding on childcare places.  You can see the interview and full feature here.
During the feature an interviewee on the street was asked how the changed would affect her, she said: “It wouldn’t make any difference because I work full time anyway, so I wouldn’t have been able to use it either side.  What would be a bigger benefit is the childcare voucher allowance being increased.”
Concurrent with the increasing attention on the issue of childcare costs, Busy Bees Benefits recently launched the ‘Mind the Gap – Raise the Cap’ campaign. The campaign aims to raise the weekly childcare voucher cap from £55 to £75 to help make childcare more affordable for working parents.  The £55 cap has not changed since 2006 although childcare costs have continued to rise.  For more information about the campaign please visit our website. 
There is growing pressure for the childcare voucher allowance to be increased; this would mean that working parents can make tax and national insurance savings when taking childcare vouchers to help pay for their childcare.
You can help to support the campaign by signing the e-petition.
For more information about childcare vouchers and how they can help you save money, please visit

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